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Speedway Crazy Show's stunt reporter is a well known comedian from the speedway world in Poland! He always have the greatest questions which will make you smile, no matter what the answer. For the first time in his career he's doing this kind of reporting. All his life has been to work for a more funny and entertaining approach to oru sport. 

First time i do anything like this in english language and and this is LIVE too! It scares me, but HEY... let's do this!


Speedway Crazy Show's creator and host Henrik Bauer is a former speedway rider, form Norway. His background in speedway is huge! Born into the sport due to his former World rider and grandfather Aage Hansen. Bauer became the leader of Oslo Speedway and ran the club into great success from 2003 until 2012. He got a trainee background from Speedway GP under the leadership of Ole Olsen. He took this education and knowledge back to his home club. This knowledge made him a specialist in event creation, speedway marketing on all known platforms. 2008 was the year Bauer went into radio in Oslo as a co-host, which lead him into Eurosport as a commentator for speedway in 2013 and counting. Bauer is also a technical trainer in speedway, with former clients like Antonio Lindbäck amongst others.

Bauer's idea of ​​the Speedway Crazy Show went into development 2019, but practical issues made the plans stay on hold until late 2020. Here is the result!

My biggest dream is to make the speedway sport grow, worldwide! I'm walking down a path now which is totally new to me and I'm blindfolded. It doesn't matter if it fails or becomes a succsess. At least it was fun on the learning curve. LIVE is life! Make it real, positive and fun!



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